It is impossible to wish away facial features that are not perfect. However, the imperfections of your nose can be rectified without much ado. It is time to say hello to cosmetic surgery of the nose or go arrange Rhinoplasty Washington DC today. The result is sure to be pleasing with the crooked or broken nose fixed to make your face look beautiful.  Well, having a nose job or cosmetic surgery of the nose is commonplace today. You are welcome to consider it regardless of your professional status. 

First, you need to choose a competent surgeon who is well adept with the procedure and has a proven track record of performing it on patients to strive to improve their appearance courtesy of a nose job. Do remember to ask all questions that have been bothering you before you confirm the surgery. It is important to get clarification and be well aware of the associated risks too. 

Are you a good candidate to undergo rhinoplasty Washington DC?

Again, it is the surgeon who is qualified to answer you. However, it is certainly helpful to learn that you need to meet the following criteria to be admitted to the facility and wait for rhinoplasty:-

  • You are an adult capable of making your own decisions
  • You are unhappy about the shape/size of your nose and would like to improve it
  • You enjoy good general health
  • You do not have any existing medical conditions at present
  • You are neither underweight nor overweight
  • You are a non-smoker
  • You consume limited alcohol on social occasions
  • Your facial growth is complete
  • You have discussed your desire with the surgeon and are willing to accept the risks
  • You do not expect magical results after the procedure

While it is important to follow the advice of the surgeon and caregivers perfectly before and during the procedure, you may experience some pain, inflammation, and redness in the concerned after discharge too. Some of the small things that can make a huge difference and facilitate healing after rhinoplasty include:-

  • Follow the guidance of the surgeon without making any exceptions
  • Attend post-operative check-ups diligently
  • Blowing the nose is a strict no-no
  • It is important to keep the head elevated when sleeping
  • Applying a cold pack to the swollen area is useful but do not use ice
  • Exposure to sunlight and UV Rays is strictly prohibited
  • You may not use reading glasses as it may result in pain and discomfort

Last but not the least; be sure to rest properly once you arrive home after successful Rhinoplasty Washington DC. It is also important to be patient with the pace of recovery. You cannot expect instant results as the swelling and bruises will take days to heal. Remember that the nose is a fragile feature that may be damaged when the instructions are not followed as needed. Sure, you would be able to return to work but it is best to take at least 10 to 15 days off to undergo the procedure. 


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