When someone beats a drug or alcohol addiction, they frequently need to make lifestyle changes to maintain sobriety. How they can enjoy parties without using drugs or alcohol is one topic that often comes up. It could be challenging to go to parties again if doing drugs and drinking alcohol was how you previously had fun, and you want to stay sober. 

In the first year or two following addiction treatment, triggers from parties and the activities that take place on these occasions could jeopardize recovery. However, sober partying is possible as long as it is in your mindset. Here are some ways to party sober after addiction treatment.

Organize a sober party.

Throwing the party yourself is the best way to control the proceedings. This may be the solution if you’re new to sober living and want to enjoy a party. You can do the following:

  • Invite only sober guests and those who can abide by the home rules.
  • Serve mocktails, which are cocktails without alcohol, along with your favorite appetizers.
  • Set up things like video games that don’t require drugs or alcohol.
  • Inform everyone that alcohol and drugs are not permitted in your house.

If someone disobeys the rule or, in any other manner, puts you at risk of relapsing, you can evict them since it is your house.

Learn to say no to offers of alcohol and drugs.

Some folks won’t know you’re struggling with a drug or alcohol addiction. If you’re going to a big party, you might have to decline offers from people all night. Make it apparent that you’re committed to keeping sober all night long and resist the pressure from your peers.

The straightforward approach typically yields positive results. A simple “no” ought to work. Your friends should understand the suggestion, ‘’I’m not using/drinking tonight’’ or ‘’I’m attempting to maintain sobriety despite my addiction to drugs and alcohol.’’ Most people will honor that. If they don’t, hold your ground or just go and find or phone someone to get you.

Participate in games and activities without alcohol or drugs

There are other activities besides beer pong and flip cups during a party. You can chat, listen to music and dance.

Consider traveling to various events and locations where social interactions occur if you become weary of not having anything entertaining to do at parties where drugs and alcohol are the main attractions. You can:

  • Join a recreational sports team.
  • Make friends, join a book club, and get reading.
  • Attend a festival or convention in your community.
  • Join a gym and start concentrating on your fitness etc.

Attend parties with a supportive friend.

Never go to a party by yourself. You require a companion to hold you responsible and prevent you from giving in to temptation. Make sure the person you go out with fully supports your recovery, won’t abandon you and can be reached when a craving strikes. Alternately, when you attend a party, stick with those who don’t do drugs or consume alcohol.

Last words

Supportive family and friends can go a long way in helping you recover from addiction.


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