Choosing a school to earn an MBBS degree is crucial for future doctors. Medical education is widespread in Belarus and India, both with advantages and drawbacks. In this blog, we will compare the costs, quality of education, admissions procedures, living conditions, and other aspects of study MBBS in Belarus and India. Thanks to this comparison, you can make an informed decision regarding your medical education.

Quality of Education


India has a deeply grounded clinical school system known for its thorough educational program and elevated requirements.

  • Comprehensive Curriculum: Indian medical schools follow a comprehensive curriculum that provides students with hands-on experience.
  • Reputation: Indian practitioner training are profoundly respected worldwide, and numerous Indian specialists do particularly well in nations all over the planet.


Belarus is a popular destination for international medical students because of its high-quality education and modern infrastructure.

  • European Standards: Belarusian clinical schools stick to worldwide and European principles, guaranteeing first-rate instruction.
  • Practical Training: From the beginning of the course, Belarusian universities strongly emphasize practical training and clinical experience.
  • Global Recognition: Central global medical councils like the WHO and ECFMG recognize degrees from Belarusian medical universities like Belarusian State Medical University.

MBBS in Belarus Fees vs India


In India, getting an MBBS degree from a government or private college can require a lot of capital.

  • Government Colleges: Government colleges are affordable. Despite this, there is intense competition for these seats due to the limited accessibility.
  • Private Colleges: Fees at private medical schools can be very high, sometimes reaching 20-30 lakhs per year.


The affordability of MBBS programs in Belarus is one of their primary draws.

  • Tuition Fees: The annual costs $4,000 to $6,000 is more affordable compared to private clinical universities in India.
  • Additional Costs: Numerous universities in Belarus offer packages that include health insurance and hostel accommodations.

Admission Process


India’s MBBS admissions process is competitive and stringent.

  • NEET Exam: Admission to MBBS programs in India is essentially founded on the Public Qualification cum Entry Test (NEET). Scoring excellent in NEET is urgent for getting a seat in a decent clinical school.
  • Cutthroat Competition: The number of candidates far surpasses the number of accessible seats, making the affirmation cycle incredibly serious.


The MBBS admissions process in Belarus is simpler and less stressful.

  • No Entrance Exams: Most colleges don’t expect candidates to take a placement test to be conceded. Students’ high school grades are considered when making admissions decisions.
  • Simplified Process: Students effectively secure their places at Belarusian clinical colleges since there are no selection tests.

Language of Instruction


  • English: The guidance vehicle in most Indian clinical universities is English, which benefits Indian students by disposing of language obstruction.
  • Regional Languages: A few universities likewise offer guidance in territorial dialects, taking special care of neighborhood students.


  • English Programs: Numerous Belarusian medical schools offer English-speaking MBBS programs, significantly benefiting international students.
  • Local Language: Because it is necessary to interact with patients during clinical practice, students are also encouraged to learn the local language. Local language classes are part of the curriculum at many universities.

Specific Universities in Belarus

A few colleges in Belarus are prestigious for their elevated expectations of clinical training and reasonable charges. The following are a couple of striking ones:

  • Belarusian State Medical University: One of the top universities in Belarus, it is known for its great curriculum, which makes it one of the best medical schools in Belarus.


Belarus and India offer superb chances to seek an MBBS degree. However, the decision relies upon your inclinations, monetary contemplations, and professional objectives. At last, the two nations have their benefits, and forthcoming students ought to painstakingly assess these variables to come to an educated conclusion about their clinical instruction venture. Please visit our website or contact our admissions office immediately to learn more about MBBS in Belarus, the fee structure, and the various universities.